Regarding the features of new, well designed, functional AZUMA bag.

These AZUMA products blend together the old and the new.

They engenders a unique essence, both past and future.

Fabric is the most prominent feature of AZUMA.

We use water-repellent nylon material for the bugs,
and also wrinkle-resistant cotton with comfortable texture for its handle.
(Guaranteed Made In Japan)

Sewing is a key to our good quality products.

We never compromise on the quality of products.
We also lavish a high level of attention down to the place that is not visible
from the outer side of the bag so that it does not break or get worn out easily.
All the process is done by Japanese skilled workers in Japan

Functionally designed AZUMA bags.

The bag has triangle shaped handles and a bottom part for putting
your stuff which are separated by two-tone color.

Our Package is perfect for gifts.

Our package is well designed for the flat and rectilinear pack away bag.
The simple design is perfect for any occasions!